Average Removal Costs in the UK – Home Removal Costs 2023

Found your dream house? Excellent, now it is time to move your goods there. But how much is it when you hire a company? Many homeowners wonder about the average removal costs in the UK; we have finally tackled this issue for you. However, keep in mind that removal costs depend on several factors, such as travel distance, movement complexity, goods volume, and the time of the year you plan to move in.

What are the average removal costs in the UK?

The average removal cost for a three-bedroom home in the UK is approximately £800. If you have a flat with one bedroom in the UK, the removal cost shall start at £400. If we are talking about a 4-bedroom home in the UK, then you should expect the removal cost to be around £2,000.

It is no secret that the cost will increase if you have a big home, lots of goods, or even move to a long destination.

To sum up, the UK’s average removal costs are between £400 and £2,000.

How to keep your home removal costs low?

Because moving could be expensive, we have created a list of the best tips to lower your removal costs. You can reduce your removal costs even more by checking our article about Top 20 Tips to Make Your House Move As Stress-Free As Possible.

1. Pack your own stuff

Packing items is a main part of the moving procedure; there are many ways to do it, such as hiring a company to do the work for you or doing it yourself.

To avoid paying extra, use the strategy of packing your own stuff instead of letting others do that for extra cash. That way, you will save some extra money and ensure that your items are safe as you pack them.

2. Flexibility on your move day

Be smart about when you are going to move, don’t just choose a random day but choose a day when removal companies are not charging that much.

Many removal companies usually charge higher on some days and seasons, such as Saturday and Friday or in the summer holiday or spring. That’s why you should not move in these days. If you are looking to save some cash, then it is ideal for you to move on the weekdays or in seasons like spring or autumn.

3. Compare quotes from companies

Do not hire a home removal company just after they give you their quote, do research about the company and check out their reviews before it is too late.

Compare quotes and check what’s expensive and what’s cheaper. It would be ideal for you to hire a cheaper company if you are looking to save some money.

If you are looking for a home removal company in Manchester, we provide a cost-effective home removal service. Make sure to request a quote through our quote page.

4. Be careful with your items

Your items are your liability if you are moving by yourself, be super careful while packing and unpacking, as you do not want to lose money if anything breaks.

You could also hire a removal company to do the packing for you, it will be extra cash, but if anything breaks, they will pay you for it as most companies have liability insurance.

5. Use recycled boxes

One easy way to consider lowering your move costs is by using recycled boxes to pack your stuff. The majority of people tend to buy new moving boxes and only use them once before getting rid of them or returning them to the removalist company.

Good quality moving boxes can be reused and recycled several times before the quality of the box is affected. To get recycled boxes, you can look for them on eBay or Craigslist. Checking with your removals company to see if they sell boxes is also ideal. Not to forget, ask your family or friends whether they have boxes they can give to you for free.

Tips to choose your removal company

Picking a good removal company requires some work coming up next; we are sharing with you the top tips that you should consider before hiring a removal company.

Family and friends’ recommendations

Do you have a family or a friend that moved using a removals company? Great, now ask them about who did they hire. Make sure to also ask about the costs, efficiency, and if any problems occurred during the process.

Read the reviews

Reviews are one of the main factors that you must consider before dealing with any business. Reviews tell you what people think about the business you are about to deal with – based on their experiences. Reviews could be on Trustpilot, Google reviews, or any other reviewing platform.

After checking the reviews, you are now able to decide if that company is sufficient enough to do the work for you.

Insurance Details

A good removal company must have insurance for the client which means that if any damage happens, the company takes care of the expenses. If a company doesn’t have any liability insurance, then you should consider skipping them, as you will probably lose money if anything happens to your belongings.

Customer Service

Choose a company that will provide you with customer service. If any problem arises, you will then be able to talk to someone who can assist. Unlike some companies that do not provide customer service, you won’t be able to get any help.

Uniformed Staff

A uniform gives a great and professional image to the company. If you hire a company that requires their staff to wear a uniform, then they are probably a professional company. Not to forget, it will also be easier for you to identify that this person is working in the removal company if they wear the uniform.

Ask if the staff is trained

To ensure that you will get quality home removal, ask the company if the staff is thoroughly trained and how many years of experience the company has – this will guarantee that they will do you quality work.

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